Building a Bridge Between your Startup and Personal Issues!!

It’s no rocket science to understand that all of us (the startup guys) have chosen a path where life is not sucking nariyal paani with a straw (my Indian proverb for sucking pinacolada). It’s far more difficult to take care of your employees, clients, work processes (if you’ve been successful in developing them) when you are the one everyone looks…


No One Has Performed like This on STAGE Before!!

Click to Share it on Facebook No One Has Performed like This on STAGE Before!!

social networking

This video Rightly Summarizes Life IN and OUT of Social Networking!

This video Rightly Summarizes Life IN and OUT of Social Networking!! It precisely depicts how Social media impacts us emotionally and draws a fine line between reality and what we post online!!  

Girls Sexy Moves

GIRLS You’re NOT alone to make SEXY Moves

Girls you’re not alone to make sexy moves, These boys have nailed too! This video is the last rehearsal of  Yanis Marshal Choreographed performance for Britain’s Got Talent.

What Kills a Start up in first year of Operations

What Kills a Start up in first year of Operations?

I am a part of many forums on Internet where proven entrepreneurs, aspiring start up owners and the ones looking to join the game review problems and answer queries of business owners hungry for a genuine feedback. Those who excel remain to sing the songs of their success over numerous start up story blogs, (I do that for my readers…

e-commerce scene in India

How Flipkart and Amazon are Shaping the e-commerce Scene in India

Indian and international media was forced to shower some attention, when Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant also known as “Amazon of India” in the west announced the $300 million cash and stock acquisition of country’s biggest fashion portal Deals like this one are surely shaping the e-commerce Scene in India. The company announced a fresh $210 million round of…

Chirag Saraswati

Sneak Peek into NDTV Volvo XC Adventure

Recently I had a chance to interview Chirag Saraswati, one of the participants of NDTV Volvo XC Adventure. It’s one of a kind competition in India, which you can participate in, if you have real love for wrooming engines and spinning wheels. What I got to hear from Chirag, NDTV Volvo XC Adventure was some real deal and definitely took…


Behind the Scenes at MTB Shimla 2014 : Volunteer’s eye

MTB Shimla 2014 was my first experience anywhere around mountain biking. Though I used to pedal in my childhood days, but here I had something else to do. I volunteered for media management at the event as it was something that closely matched to what I did for a living. What is MTB Shimla 2014 ? MTB Shimla is the…

a-z of dance

This Video will show you A-Z of Dance

This Video will show you A-Z of Dance. As described in the YoTube Channel, it was shot on the streets and rooftops of sunny LA, will show you our A-Z of Dance shows you how to set hearts alight and clubs on fire. Float like an Arabesque, spin like a B-Boy, wobble like a Chicken Noodle Soup… it’s time to…


This Video on Sexual Abuse will shake your conscience!!

This Video on Sexual Abuse will shake your conscience. Its a short film by Pooja Batura Pathak, an effort to bring out the abuse that women silently take in their daily life.The short film named an effort to make you witness those moments. The more you will talk, the less it will happen.


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