Monthly Archive: December 2012


India Guzzling and Drinking!!

TWALKITOUT: We have a past, we are rocking the present and we are shaping a future. Facts, trends and figures are a truce to words.  Alcoholic drinks in India registered double-digit growth in 2010-2011,...


Facebook Instagram faces User Flux after policy blunder

San Francisco: Facebook Inc’s Instagram  user base suffered one more dip after it rolled policy changes that made user think that Facebook would use their images without compensation. Although the policy changes were withdrawn later...


Smartphones to Replace Car Keys

TWALKITOUT: Smart phones are all set to play more roles in our lives. Calling, Texting, Browsing, Wallet, Scan are going to be the things of past as Smartphones are going to Replace Car Keys....


Delhi gang-rape victim dies

TWALKITOUT: And she left us forever. The high spirited 23 girl who put up a brave battle for life after she was gang-raped and brutally assaulted in a Delhi bus on December 16 that...


Rent a bike with RideIndia

TWALKITOUT: Raiding long roads on a bike, planning a long road trip in biker mood needs a toil. Almost all of us have had disappointing moments of fun being sliced out when folks end...


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