The Hobbit misses $100 Million, Makes a December record

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey set a new December opening weekend record, though it missed the $100 Million mark. The Hobbit earned an estimated $84.78 million this weekend while opening up on 4,045 screens.

According tho the statistics from The Box Office Mojo The Hobbit earned an estimated $84.78 million this weekend. That’s a bit ahead of the previous December record held by 2007’s I Am Legend ($77.2 million), and also noticeably up on the three-day start for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($73.3 million). With 3D/IMAX premiums and a bit of ticket price inflation, though, The Hobbit had lower initial attendance than both of those titles (it also likely sold fewer tickets initially than The Two Towers).

Even with direct competition from The Hobbit, Skyfall still hung on well and only dropped 35 percent to an estimated $7 million. It’s now earned $272.4 million, and a total north of $290 million seems like a done deal.

The weekends estimates have been put around as

1. The Hobbit $84,775,000
2. Rise of the Guardians $7,420,000
3. Lincoln $7,244,000
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Anuj Sharma

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