How to become a successful musician??

Ashish Yadav: Here is a little research work on some stuff that always kept me confused. These are the advices of different people at different times. Hope you’ll find something that will keep you going and keep you from giving up your dream..


How to make a living out of music in India?

The normal approach-There are quite a few things you can do.
Go and intern at a few studios in Delhi or Mumbai and learn the art and science of recording and producing music.
Then after you learn the work flow of music production, start doing this work on your own and offer your services to companies. You can do jingles and music for TV etc.
Apart from that, you can also make money playing commercial shows with Hindi based artists that tour and play regularly.
So basically, get into studio work and professional music production. Research this and get in touch with people in Delhi or Mumbai and spend time learning and doing.

Hope this helps.


It’ll take your scene to the next level. You should know the business you’re in inside out.

Don’t Ever Stop Dreaming….that is the beginning of what you want to do with your life!!

Now,about playing guitar and making a living off music…the reality is…it is not easy at all here in India..especially if you want to play in a Rock Band.

If you have the financial means and you really want you’re dream to come true…you should go for a professional course in Music.

Besides,rock music, you can earn a living off music as a composer, arranger for films/ads or if you become really good, you could go on tour and play with people like A.R Rahman or other Indian Rock musicians from Mumbai and North East. In the end it’s up to you.

Recording studio Money in your pocket-And now if you got money in your pocket, I am not talking about average regular income or stuff. Like if you have got a lot of money ..a lot of it.than go to MI in LA Cal. Or Berkley school of music in Boston. And you are all set for your music career. Now these places are quite expensive but if you have got the talent than probably you can hook yourself up with some awesome scholarship plans and after that it’s all bed of roses.

These are the best music schools of the world and once you get in you’ll surely be playing alongside John Mayer or Steve Vai or any rock god you ever thought of becoming. It’s all up to you.

And now lets come back to reality– If you are an average living human being with average working parents than its not gonna work out just forget whatever i just told you or get your self sponsored by working hard on your instrument by yourself.

What everyone has been doing-Now if you are not interested in anything that I just mentioned due to some sort of reason or something. Here is the best and the cheapest way to get FAMOUS-yaaaayyyy.

Upload your videos to YouTube. Your recording or covers of some other bands. Use Backing tracks. Use a good video cam. Use some software like Adobe Audition,Fl Studio 9.These things can turn your little Laptop into your own recording studio at home. All you need is some descent Mic and recording hardware and you are good to go.

After this all you have to do is market yourself in correct way. Facebook,Orkut,Myspace..that is what these sites are for. So use them efficiently.

A lot of famous guys and girls are doing this like Arjun Kaul,Yasi Hofner.and a lot lot more. Just go to You tube and learn more about these people. Some of them are actually getting paid for what they do. So enjoy. That’s all I guess. And before anything, read the most inspiring lines from Sir Lennon, “You may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.”

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