2012’s Winners and Losers

TWALKITOUT: Giving a pass to the long awaited Mayan prophesy of  apocalypse, the year 2012, coming to an end, has been full of numerous breath taking events of interest. Talking about a few in terms of how big they made out of themselves we term them as HIT and FLOP.

HIT : SAMSUNG earned the spot of top smart phone vendor across the globe replacing NOKIA.

Samsung shipped more smartphones than any other vendor during 2012’s first quarter with 42.2 million units. And now it holds more than 29% of the market share. Apple is swimming in profits at second spot.


FLOP : APPLE MAPS being worked upon by the dedicated teams at APPLE, they just couldn’t do the right thing to replace Google Maps off the shelves’ of APPLE fan boys.  With the Australian government advising its citizens not to follow them to avoid accidents.


HIT : MICROSOFT made a new meander in the path of WINDOWS with the launch of Windows 8 as well as making windows as a platform across smartphones, tablets and computers, providing uniformity and robustness standing up against Android.


FLOP : INSTAGRAM, being the hope of photography art from your smart phone early in the year, had to move to the loser section when it had a tiff with the mini blogging interface TWITTER. Reportedly, TWITTER made it tough to find instagram uploaded user pictures and also removed the direct share button, making it one more click away.


HIT : MERRISA MEYERS, the former Google golden girl has shown her mettle as the new CEO of Yahoo. Making a lot of news, as her being the employee number 5 at GOOGLE, she brings bags full of brand goodwill as well as a hope of uplift for YAHOO.

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