Eat Healthy Breakfast To Lose FAT

TWALK IT OUT: Breakfast (literally meaning to break the fasting period of the prior night) is the first meal taken after rising from a night’s sleep, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day’s work. If you are troubled by the size of your belly, or the daily exercise to lose belly fat is not making that extra mile, try and eat healthy breakfast to lose fat.

A very well framed definition indeed. But in the modern world, it has changed its meaning to a lot more.Breakfast is a key to the proceedings to one’s whole day. Sometimes you take a heavy breakfast full of oily stuff, and you are like done for the day. Or you had just fruits which made your tummy go noisy in another hour.lose belly fat

To crack this mystery of breakfast to lose weight keeping in view a healthy, nutrient rich and fulfilling breakfast, we talked to some diet conscious people and experts.

Three important features of a breakfast meal that could help you in losing weight are

1)      It should be free from fat, oily and sticky food.

2)      Rich in fiber, protein and energizing nutrients.

3)      It should be light yet fulfilling.

Simply, take a small bowl of oats and cook them for 3 minutes in hot water. Oats, because they are rich in fiber, protein and fulfilling.

Add two big spoons of honey for taste as well as ages old health benefits.

Add 2 big spoons of peanut butter. It makes the meal creamy, adds protein, minerals and nearly no fat as compared to normal butter.

Add enough warm water to make a viscous paste. Now add some peanuts on the top and some pieces slices of any fruit that you like (avoid citrus fruits if you add milk in place of water).

You are done with preparing one of the best to eat healthy breakfast to lose fat.

(one should consult his/her physician before making any heavy or medicinal changes to diet)

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