I am crying but are you listening?

Manoj Sharma:

Delhi was raped last week. In fact, the whole country was raped by inhuman and monstrous spirits challenging the protectors of the law and order in the land of 1 crore and 36 lakh gods or probably more than this number.

The rape was so horrific and nerve shaking that it took the whole country on to the streets begging our administration for the action against devils.

Though, we in India are used to it so; we have categorized the rapes in different terminologies. We call it normal rape, if it is done by one man, sometimes we do not even consider it and the incident just become a brief story material for newspapers. We call it horrific, when many heart-breaking criminals and animal spirits rape a girl one by one, putting an iron rod into her and throw her naked in the streets rejoicing their victory.

This blood curdling and gory incident that happened in NCR last week is not the only incident that has happened in the country. The outburst we are seeing in Delhi and everywhere in the country is the outcome of anger against every rape that happens in every 25 minutes in our country. This year alone there have been 582 reported incidents of rape in Delhi alone, leave aside other socially conservative states like Haryana and other Metropolitan.

Country is awakening. Protests and tenor of their anger is constantly saying that our administration is apathetic and inadequate and punishment should be more than death, equally horrifying to the crime they have done.

All said but will we ever be able to put in a system where, if  a girl who goes to her school or college or office, travels in crowded bus where sneaky uncles passing absurd comments or perverts making sudden lunges at her thighs, chest or butt on the road think twice before doing it. Will we ever be able to make a social structure where you can freely travel in a stiflingly packed auto or bar or at night? Will she ever be able breath freely in culturally sanctioned rapist society and do we only need woman to be tossed out naked on a road for us to awaken ourselves???

Why don’t we raise our conscience every time a girl is raped in the country? And it is not the only rapists with unusual psychopathy who do it, sometimes its father, brother or uncle who grope, molest and rape her in the closed doors, where nobody is even concerned, leave alone the voice to be heard.

Stop this gender inequality at every level and bring a social change. Adopt harsher measures to kill the ideas of immunity that built up around the rape and save your mother, sister or the mother India from being a victim of spoiled thoughts.


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