Best Android Apps 2012 Announced By Google

As the year ends, Google has announced a list of 12 Best Android apps 2012. We have got the list with us and it goes like this;

  1. Zappo’s (FREE) – The mobile app for the popular online storefront.
  2. Evernote (FREE) – The widely-used personal organizer also syncs across all of your devices.
  3. Pinterest (FREE) – This year’s hot new social network is a personal pinboard for anything that interests you.
  4. Grimm’s Snow White (1.99) – An “interactive pop-up fairy tale book for children” combines a narrative with gameplay.
  5. Pocket (FREE) – The Instapaper competitor allows you to save online articles for offline reading later.
  6. Expedia (FREE) – The Android app version of the online travel booking website.
  7. Ancestry (FREE) – The app version of the service that lets you chart your family tree and find ancestors. Subscription required.
  8. Fancy (FREE) – Shopping app which highlights odd, boutique, and luxury items that you can “fancy” and then buy.
  9. Mint (FREE) – Popular personal finance manager now available on Android.
  10. Seriesguide Show Manager (FREE) – A television guide and social TV manager for small screen addicts.
  11. Pixlr Express (FREE) – A fully-featured image editor and enhancer from Autodesk.
  12. TED – TED Talk videos at your fingertips.

These apps have made into the list of best Android apps 2012 due to their features, ease of use, number of downloads and cool functionality that they provide to a user turning their Android phone into a resource.

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Anuj Sharma

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