India Guzzling and Drinking!!

TWALKITOUT: We have a past, we are rocking the present and we are shaping a future. Facts, trends and figures are a truce to words.  Alcoholic drinks in India registered double-digit growth in 2010-2011, higher than the growth rates registered across the rest of the Asia Pacific countries.

Drinking is rather being celebrated in all sectors of life in India today. Youth being more inclined on slope of the balance. Packaging played a major role in the new launches to add aspirational value for consumers.

Now-a-days you can grab a scotch whisky in a cool can with a mixer of your like. They come in variety of cola, soda and so on. Handy caps for the beer bottles not needing an opener anymore! Low calorie drinks for the calorie conscious. We have seen companies upgrading their existing brands with new packaging and launching more premium brand varieties in beer and spirits.

A lot of foreign names being introduced by domestic players have added to the variety. New launches with attractive packaging and launches using a “music and fun” platform were a few of the techniques used by key players to garner market share. Almost all of the music and sports events are on a large scale sponsored by liquor brands.

Speaking of national capital, as on India Today, Delhiites consumed liquor worth Rs. 400 crores in 12 days on last new year!! Music, fun, partying are synonyms for alcohol now. Alcohol is available, silently advocated, promoted, enjoyed and made available.

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Anuj Sharma

I am based out of Shimla. Writing is my passion, and a part of my livelihood. I started writing here almost 3+ years ago and couldn't stop ever!! Apart from Twalkitout, I run an E-Commerce consulting Company named Omex E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. out of Shimla.

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