2014 Infiniti Q50 Sedan Teaser on YouTube

TWALKITOUT: After hitting a million marks on INFINITI facebook fan page, Infiniti released a 28-second teaser of its upcoming Q50 sedan. With all the musical buildup of a sci-fi trailer, the replacement is ready for the current G37.

The teaser booms with the Q50’s Engine revs. The engine sounds like a lightening making way out of pitch black darkness. Take a listen to the exhaust note. As the head lamp shines in the teaser lauding out the date JANUARY 14.

It’s definitely not the throaty baritone of a V-8, (which incidentally, Infiniti has said is largely on its way out within the brand’s future products) nor the buzz of a four-cylinder. It has the distinctive metallic growl of Nissan’s VQ family of V-6 engines. There’s a good possibility the Q50 may get direct-injection as well.

source : Infiniti

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