List of Top 10 iOS Apps(free) of 2012

TWALKITOUT: List of top ten iOS apps(free) of 2012 as reported by AppData

  1. Google Maps : Up against the self-threatened maps from Apple, Google maps stand alone as the top most used application on iOS.
  2. Sonic Jump : Sega America came up with an all new vertically challenging adventure in stunning HD graphics! This game jumped all 7 places to reach this spot.
  3. Youtube : Watch the world’s videos and keep up with your favorite YouTube channels with the official YouTube app for iOS. This app holds its place for some obvious reasons.
  4. Fun Run (multi-player race) : Fun Run is an online real-time multiplayer game for smart phones and tablets. You can be anywhere in the world and play with up to four players simultaneously.
  5. Snapchat : Real time picture chatting on iPhone. You can set the timer for how long your friends can see your message by setting up a timer.
  6. Flow Free : it’s a simple game, but doesn’t let you quit on itself. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!
  7. Ruzzle : it is a word game that boasts around 5 million users across the globe.
  8. Icon Pop Quiz : ICON POP Quiz challenges players to name famous people, hit movie and TV shows and characters using imaginative, handcrafted visual clues inspired by each answer.
  9. Flashlight : Bright. Fast. Simple. The most elegant and functional flashlight app, ever! And it’s the ONLY flashlight app that goes with a compass, giving you the direction in the darkness.
  10. Instagram : 80 million users love Instagram! It’s a free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone.
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