“Tetra Pack” Becoming Preferred Packing for Alcohol

TWALKITOUT: Emerging as a safe and temper proof packing for milk, juices and other liquid items, now tetra pack is being considered cost effective for alcohol in a few states of India. More than 35% of all hard liquor in Karnataka, one of India’s biggest liquor markets, is being sold in Tetra Pak packaging, from less than 14% in April 2010, according to estimates by industry executives. Such liquor costs between Rs.40 and Rs.70 per pack.

“Adulteration is almost impossible in Tetra Paks, distribution is easier, there’s no breakage (compared with glass). So if you take the advantages over disadvantages, Tetra definitely scores over glass bottles,” said Paul John, chairman of John Distilleries Pvt. Ltd, maker of India’s fifth-largest whiskey brand Original Choice.

Due to heavy tax and other costs in these states, big players are finding more cheap and safe alternatives to cut cost. Tetra Pack is temper proof, safe and keeps the product in good quality.

Source: Livemint

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