Phablets Stealing The Show

TWALKITOUT: Phablet, a hybrid of smartphone and tablet is stealing the show as it is easy to carry, comes with a bigger screen, offers a better user experience and as it looks to reduce the number of electronic gadgets people have to carry around with its all-in-one devices.

In CES 2013 Huawei Devices launched its Ascend Mate phablet–a smartphone and tablet hybrid. Richard Yu, head of Huawei Devices, said Monday the company views an all-in-one product as one that has a large, high-resolution screen, long battery power, easy to bring around, and sporting a superior camera.Touting the Ascend Mate as the “largest screen” device in the market, Yu said it has a 6.1-inch screen with a screen-to-frame ratio of 0.73. Long battery life–in the form of a 4,500 mAH battery

The 4,500 mAH battery is up high compared to Apple’s iPhone 5 which has a 1,440 mAH batter and Samsung’s Galaxy S 3’s 2,100 mAH battery. Overall considered an emerging and growing sector, market requirements and trends may seem to change in coming season.

(photo curtsey : Zdnet)

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