How to Track Workout Progress

TWALKITOUT: Indians are becoming more and more health conscious! We buy green-tea, oat meals, eat healthy breakfast and we exercise too. But most of us measure our index of health only on how much our body weighs, or on what our waist size is! One needs to have a systematic approach over how to track workout progress.

Is that all? Is it enough to rely upon such a meagre information to infer about your toil of several hours a day? We Still Track Our Workouts On How Much We Weigh! Not fair. Track Your Health stats with a gadget! Or even more. Track your workout, not your waist-line.

track workout progress

Geeky ones are shifting to apps on their phones, some use websites to follow a routine and check the level of various profiles mentioned by experts. One of the best ways to track workout progress to sticking to a gadget that satisfies all your needs and gives you and apt idea of where do you stand.

Most of us are still marking and encircling those dates on the calendar. We even click our pics time to time to have a fair idea. Now it’s time to use tracker gadgets. It could be your smart phone counting the number of steps you walked, or the miles you ran. Go and get yourself profiled by a physician, get your blood and lipids profiled. Know the inside story what exactly goes on the inside.

Working hard and expecting results is alright but for a smarter one, measuring everything continuously, and track workout progress is a daily routine.

We will be coming up with how you can use your Smartphone more into this filed to track your daily work out and other simpler ways to guide yourself through your journey of fit life style.

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