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TWALKITOUT: Film Production is basically the process of making a film. Film making involves various stages of an initial story, idea, or commission, through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and screening the finished product before the audience. Film making takes place in different ranges of economic, cultural, social and audience-targeted contexts.

In a broader sense, Film making mainly consists of three stages:

Pre-production—Preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and film crew are hired, locations are selected, and sets are built. The Development stage, in which the ideas for the film are created, rights to books/plays are bought, etc., and the screenplay is written, occurs before Pre-production.

Production—The raw elements for the finished film are recorded.

Post-Production—The film is edited; production sound (dialogue) is concurrently (but separately) edited, music tracks (and songs) are composed, performed and recorded, if a film is sought to have a score; sound effects are designed and recorded; and any other computer-graphic ‘visual’ effects are digitally added, all sound elements are mixed into “stems” then the stems are mixed then married to picture and the film is fully completed.

The mainstream film making provides an industry set-up as well as infinite opportunities for the willing to coordinate, fetch resources for their ideas and work. Today millions make a living out of it and have suited themselves into various roles from acting to spot exercises. Film making comes up as a passion for some, who have a vision to present things signifying the element that they consider is worth feeding a viewer’s conscious. Such are called the independent film makers.

The means of independent film making are available in different scales. Filmmakers can conceivably shoot and edit a film, create and edit the sound and music, and mix the final cut as they please. However, while the means of production may be democratized, financing, traditional distribution, and marketing remain difficult to accomplish outside the traditional system. In the past, most independent filmmakers have relied on film festivals to get their films noticed and sold for distribution. However, the Internet has allowed for relatively inexpensive distribution of independent films.

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