Age of Instant Message Stalkers


Perhaps you are one of those, whose days start and end  with a series of good mornings and good nights on one or more of the favorite applications of the day- Whatsapp!  Viber! Hike! Or something similar, as the market is already flooded with similar apps to share everything with everyone. What you want to and also what you don’t.

Why not? You get to share all sorts of pictures videos and audios, not to mention a display picture and of course a status!
It’s nearly free of cost, and hence  probably 8 out of 10 people that are staring on their phones today, are replying a useless ‘haha’ or ‘k’ on a random chat group called either ‘awesome people’  or  maybe ‘gangs of .. somewhere’ and what not; you get the point..
There are millions (yes, that’s a slight exaggeration) of emoticons to express yourself. There is one for ‘Shit’ as in for feces as well!

And, because it’s free of cost, you don’t need to worry about balance or a message pack or various schemes of the likes.
If you are stalking a person, you are in luck. You just hit the jackpot of modern technology, ”the ease of access”.  You can get to know when your subject of narrow luck was last seen online and there you have a strong case in an argument. (God help us)
People are now buying smart phones, just not to feel left out of the vicious circle of social media on personal grounds. How your psyche takes a totally different edge on an innovative product of technology and makes you an “instant message stalker”

The question is, how do you save yourself?

These apps provide help too. I often put the most irritating groups on mute, for a week. ‘Leaving’ the group is an option as well, but the admin of the group, the one that made the group to begin with; may not let you be at peace, and add you back! If you are too bugged up, you have the option of uninstalling the all, though many may regret the same, because they would feel left out, and would want to come back again. There was a reason behind this being called as a vicious circle! Welcome to the Age of Instant Message Stalkers.
(Sure, you can now get back to read the joke you just received!)

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