Indian Heavy Metal Band Death Knell to Release Official Video


Bursting onto the scene and holding their ground Death Knell, Shimla is not just another band from the hills and mountains that you would have heard about or read somewhere. These are some really shred tempered guys who want to make it just bigger.  Metal, Classic Rock and Melodic death metal are their practiced spells. This young act is already geared up to assault the Indian metal/rock masses with their official video, “Defining Death”, Produced by Snow Leopard Productions, in April 2013.

It’s never to my surprise when Death Knell scream Vocalist/guitarist Manish Kashyap, Purvaj on clean vocals / guitar, Sandeep beating the bass and Manish Verma on drums walk down the aisle and get noticed by everyone. This Indian heavy metal band has literally smeared the local scene and made it big with its long running list of gigs, Appearance in Channel V Launch Pad, Performance in Hard Rock Café, New Delhi and the Pub Rock Fest, where they set the crowd with almost broken necks. If we were to count them all, they would appear as this –

1) Played at Hard Rock Café, New Delhi

2) Headlined International Tattoo Convention at Faridabad

3) Headlined the Fest at Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh

4) Headlined and judged the performances at Rayat and Bahara Institute, Minerva, Ropar

5) Headlined and judged the metal arena at Himachal Pradesh University

6) Headlined the performances at Law College, Shimla

7) Headlined the St. Bede’s College, Shimla college festival.


With anticipation building and band prepared to take on the national stage they released their debut album, “Still to Decide” available on FlipKart, the very first ones to step on this milestone from the valley. Not only as a mark of seriousness to make a living out of their music, but to take their passion all the way to masses in a very affordable price. The album has quite a bit to show as it just not only consists of metal tunes but also has some good rock ballads in it. The inclusion of underground acts gives Death Knell this general sense of authority.

To their defining, music comes to them like a medicine, drug for a drug addict. They say they don’t just like to play metal, all forms of music is divine to them. “Music has its own way to connect with a soul and we are some of those evil souls which are addicted to music’s feel and its eternal bliss”, Death Knell.

Asked about the ideology of the band, what they believe and basically what are the forces that drive them to evolve in new directions of music, they said,” Our music and belief is very dark & boisterous. We think what if the things we call demons were good or are good and the gods were the brutal ones, whom would we worship then? It’s just a matter of view how you perceive things, may be what’s good to you might be unforgiving for the other. Some people believe in life after death and some don’t. It’s just how you relate yourself to the things. We focus on what is likely to be ignored by road crawlers, castle of perception, which is screwing enough in itself”. The band is unleashing all horses of creativity and ready to release their first Hindi track to lure more segments of fans.

Curious enough to dig more into the band’s mission, we asked them about their mission as music creators. ”Our mission is to create as many good melodies contributing to the world of music. We are out here to rock ourselves which fortunately ends up rocking the whole ecosystem”, Death Knell. The further added that whatever they write is what they feel. Some of the lyrics written by them are very close to their hearts, written on very personal experiences, with a belief of touching people’s heart.

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