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Bangalore Suicide Capital of India ?

TWALKITOUT: Bangalore, as the name speaks for itself, has a lot added to it. The IT hub of India, our silicon city, the name every software engineer around globe is well aware of. This...


World No Tobacco Day in India

TWALKITOUT: World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption across the...


Apples Grown in Karnataka

Tribune News Service: Believe it or not, but Apples are being grown in Karnataka. A Himachal based horticulture scientist Chiranjit Parmar has had a success in growing self-pollinating varieties. Not only these trees have...


Summer Festival Shimla 2013

TWALKITOUT: Summer Festival Shimla is back with a glitter. Authorities trying to put up maximum show in the funds available, locals and tourists are going to have a long fun filled week ahead! 1st...


Nokia LUMIA 925 Superman Edition

TWALKITOUT: Nokia is about to launch its jewel in LUMIA flagship the LUMIA 925. The phone is already In buzz about its metallic body and a lot of other eye catchy features. Nokia has...


Stimulus: The Annual Fest of IGMC

TWALKITOUT: Report Stimulus, the annual fest of IGMC (Indira Gandhi Medical College) Shimla is one of the most awaited and keenly celebrated occasions in Shimla. It’s a center of attraction, medium to show case...


Tips on Safe Internet Banking

TWALKITOUT: Report Most of you must have come to know about this incident a week ago when the RPG Group of companies became the latest victim of online banking fraud when cyber criminals hacked...


What is Environmental Education ?

TWALKITOUT: Upasna Sharma “Environmental Education is a way of implementing the goals of environmental protection. Environmental Education is not a separate branch of science or subject of study. It should be carried out according...


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