Tips to Protect Yourself From Summer Heat

TWALKITOUT: Weather in India is touching extremities breaking records year after year. Summer taking on early, people are falling prey to high temperatures. We have come up with some easy tips to protect yourself from summer heat. If you cannot take a time-out for a vacation to some cool hill station or your feeling too tired and lazy for that much needed work-out to keep you in shape, gear up and make some little yet effective changes in your daily routine and food. Here are some easy tips to keep you from sticking to your office cubicle and hitting back hard.

Save your skin from blazing sun

Use a sunscreen lotion rated at or more than 25 SPF. (Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil naturally contain an estimated SPF of 25-30)

Wear protective clothing and sun-glasses.

Stand in the shade if at all possible.

Avoid direct exposure to the noon sun.

Eat wholesome foods filled with antioxidants, i.e. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, legumes, nuts etc.

Eat freshly cooked/prepared food items

Bacteria are highly active at mildly high temperature. Perishable or spoilable food should not be left out for more than 2 hours and no more than 1 hour if the temperature is more than 40 degrees C.

Get a hand on watery fruits more often as you progress through the day.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink ample amount of water while leaving for work in the morning.

Make it a habit to keep a water bottle in your bag. And always fill it with filtered water.

Make your way to juice junctions and replace that daily tea or coffee with a large mug of fresh juice.

Cold water twisted with a lemon and salt is a simple and best electrolytic solution your body would love.

Don’t miss your workouts

Summers provide a good atmosphere for the body tissues to grow at a good rate provided we keep the above mentioned tips in mind. So never miss your work-outs, your muscles will love it.

Don’t be mistaken to go out in a sleeveless top just after your workout session just to feel the cool breeze if there’s any. It can harm your freshly worked out muscle tissues.

Summers are a great time to go out on vacations, picnics or stretched evening parties. To enjoy to the fullest making use of every opportunity, it’s better to take care of little add-ons and stay healthy.

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