Stimulus: The Annual Fest of IGMC


Stimulus, the annual fest of IGMC (Indira Gandhi Medical College) Shimla is one of the most awaited and keenly celebrated occasions in Shimla. It’s a center of attraction, medium to show case talent and to get together for students of medical and dental colleges who gather from across north India and Himachal Pradesh, along with students of different professional institutions and colleges of the state.

The festival is known to be celebrated for over 25 years and came into existence in 1986. It’s a great opportunity for the medical students to take a break from their hectic curriculum and participate in various activities, including dances, skits, plays, singing competitions, henna decoration and instruments.

It is a cultural festival that provides a single platform to the students and practitioners of all medical and dental colleges in the north India.

This year the Stimulus 2013 is said to have a special musical event inviting regional music bands and solo artists to perform and show case their talent. With the growing trends of musical events across the city, the medicos have a chance to flare with their talent on the stage.

“It’s really difficult to get main stream and compete on such grounds as our schedules and night duties become hectic. Being dedicated to our profession, everything else comes secondary”, said a PG doctor from IGMC.

Twalk It Out will be covering the whole event as it commences on 27th May 2013, the detailed program will be available on a dedicated page.

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Anuj Sharma

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