Tips on Safe Internet Banking


Most of you must have come to know about this incident a week ago when the RPG Group of companies became the latest victim of online banking fraud when cyber criminals hacked into the firm’s Mumbai-based current account and siphoned off Rs 2.41 crore in three hours on May 11.

The first of the 13 money transfers to accounts across India was made at 11.30am and the last at 2.30pm, before the bank got suspicious of the huge cash transfers and checked with the group confirming the fraud, the Worli police said. The largest transaction was of Rs 25 lakh and the smallest of Rs 15 lakh.

We decided to go into the details, to make you aware of how things work and how you could save yourself from such an attack on your account. Although every measure is taken care of to make online banking as safe as possible, but such incidents occur when a layman or even a net savvy falls in the ditch of resembling pages and mails.

All you need to do is take care of the following tips on safe internet banking

  1. Avoid using net banking from public places like internet café or public kiosks.
  2. Never respond to a mail, text message or a call that demands any money on the name of processing fees for some lottery or loan that you never applied for. They are sure frauds.
  3. Your bank will never ask you to enter your online banking credentials anywhere else other than the login page. If you receive any mail, similar to your bank’s Id or website design, be careful and do not respond.
  4. Always type your bank URL in the address bar of browser carefully because frauds and hackers make exact copy pages to your bank’s website on almost same domain names with some minute difference that you could make.
  5. Always check for https:// before the website name. ‘s’ stands for ssl encryption that is necessary to secure the online transaction .
  6. Do-not share your username and password to your bank account in any case.
  7. Never go to any online shopping websites with extraordinary deals that you think are impossible. Make a proper online research if you think it’s worth taking the risk.

I hope to have covered most of the essential points and tips on safe internet banking here. Keeping these little things in mind will make your online experience safe and secure. Check out RBI Guidelines for more details


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