Apples Grown in Karnataka

Tribune News Service: Believe it or not, but Apples are being grown in Karnataka. A Himachal based horticulture scientist Chiranjit Parmar has had a success in growing self-pollinating varieties. Not only these trees have caught up tremendous growth, but have been producing apples just after 2 years of planting, against the 6 year normal time taken in the mountains. It’s also said that if proper care is taken, these apple plants in tropical region could produce two crops a year.

This is explained by the fact that in temperature ranging from 12-33 degree Celsius, plants do not go into the state of dormancy as there is no chilling weather of the winter, which normally happens in the hill states of northern India.

This migration of crop from Shimla and surroundings to Bangalore surroundings is astounding. Apples are being produced in areas like Tumkur, Chikmanglur, Shimoga etc. According to Chiranjit, farmers in Indonesia are already doing it and maintaining the fruit bearing trees to have crops twice a year. The only disadvantage is that apples grown in Karnataka have a small shelf life of 10-12 days.

Scientists have been trying to grow Apples in low altitude regions in Himachal Pradesh and also have succeeded in breaking the dormancy, but haven’t achieved much of large scale success.

Further, more experimental plantations will be grown in more areas to test the feasibility of the production on commercial level.

-source Tribune News Service

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