Bangalore Suicide Capital of India ?

TWALKITOUT: Bangalore, as the name speaks for itself, has a lot added to it. The IT hub of India, our silicon city, the name every software engineer around globe is well aware of. This place represents India on global map of technology, a revolution of advancement and high standard of work and life. What makes Bangalore suicide capital of India ?

Let’s go through some more reasons for what this city makes to the headlines:

Suicides in Bangalore – Times of India

Couple among four suicides in Bangalore –The Hindu

Suicide rate shoots up in Bangalore –IBN LIVE

Bangalore sees 7 suicides in 2 days –New Indian Express

30 suicides in Bangalore in a week –DNA India

If you don’t believe this, you are surely ignoring the truth. This city has grown at an exponential rate on the metrics of development, population, growth, per capita income and SUICIDES. What compels an individual to end one’s own life? No one has a single answer to this. All we can say is that there must be a lot of factors that derive one’s thoughts to such extremities, where every logic fails and only one door is left open – DEATH. Bangalore, suicide capital of India got this title as statistics have revealed that suicide rate is up by 80 per cent.

According to our analysis of cities around the world matching such figures and environment, we ended up bumping on following factors:


Sometimes a person gets stressed to such extents that he/she starts to lose a grip on his thought process, leading to failure of rational decision making. If such situations are not dealt with in time, issues can keep piling up. Stress could be of not getting paid enough, non-fulfillment of material desires or failing to deliver.

Work Load

Along with opportunities, Bangalore brings along competition. To beat the competition, one needs to work more in less time. At young age, we are ready enough to work, but the sedentary lifestyle that gets smothered due to workload adds-up to the dissatisfaction amounting to further stress.


Bangalore is ranked amongst top 3 most expensive cities in Asia to live in. Although, youth earns exceptionally well in this city, but pricy lifestyle or family preoccupations keeps the pocket empty unless one is really careful. Keeping in view the lack of financial education from the root level, we cannot expect every young earning Indian to be financially super wise.

Failing Relationships

As Bangalore attracts young talent from all across the country, each one of them leaves home to get settled and industry standards do not allow a comfortable vacation more than once a year. Train is never a suitable option as it consumes the precious leaves and air fares add more to the expense.

To get away from this loneliness, techies usually gel up, but every relationship doesn’t fare to the shore. Failed relationships are one of the major causes cited in various suicide cases in Bangalore.

Health Issues

With most of them working for more than 9 hours a day, health is a prime concern for a very few, who manage to take care of food and exercise regularly. The leftovers add another reason to the list of failing physical ability to keep up with the pace.

None of the above cited issues may be individually capable of forcing one to hug the gallows, but collectively as these issues become a part of everyday life; the weak hearted or the not so prepared lot keeps on getting closer to the FINISH LINE.

The corporate sector is seriously doing its part to help their employees maintain a balance by providing help via various modes, but unfortunately, the helping hand doesn’t reach everyone in the right time. The growing numbers have certainly made Bangalore suicide capital of India.

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