How to choose bank for salary account?


Our country’s internal growth is booming at exponential rate. Every day a few thousands get passed out of their educational courses and fight for a job. Few get placed from their respective campus and the rest have to face some days of struggle and get that prized employment opportunity.Once you are in, there are going to be a heap full of formalities and documentation that need to be done. After all the hassle, there come a couple questions, which your employer won’t really help you with:
How to choose bank for salary account?
You need to ask the following questions to the bank agent before giving them your paycheck’s responsibility every month.

1)    What is the rate of interest on the saved amount?
2)    What is the fee for their debit card, or is it free for life or not?
3)    How many free transactions do they give you from other bank’s ATM per month?
4)    Can they issue a lifetime free credit card in the future?
5)    Do they charge you anything to transfer money to any other bank account?
6)    What is the annual fee for the bank account?
7)    Are the SMS alerts charged?
8)    Is the debit card enabled with easy shop facility?
9)    Are all the bank transaction OTP(one time password) secure?

I am sure most of the readers wouldn’t have any idea about few of the questions posted above. So let’s be aware of our rights and avail maximum amount of services possible when we choose a bank for salary account. Once you are clear on how to chose bank for salary account, make the decision, because later on you will be preoccupied and lazy to make any changes.
Feel free to post any queries in the comment section below, I would be glad to answer.

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