What led Mr. Narayana Murthy’s come back to Infosys??

TWALKITOUT: Mr. Narayana Murthy’s come back to Infosys is a phenomenal indication of what the company is going through and needs the doctor’s medicine. Ms. Murthy has a great contribution in shaping the IT industry in the country and setting examples for generations to come.

Infosys in its glorious years as one of the top 2 giants in India in outsourcing and consulting has achieved a status of trusted partner, consistent performer and a loyal service provider to the fortune 500 companies around the globe.

August 2011 set a benchmark for Infosys as with Murthy and without him as he retired from the chairmanship. Infosys has seen a lot of down curves since then. It would be unfair to say that his retirement made a difference to the performance of the company, but his comeback may help as the IT giant slips to number 3 behind Cognizant.

Infosys looks in a real bad shape with high attrition, hiring cut, cost cutting on training facilities and staff, slipping rank with competitor’s earnings booming up the sky.

Competitors like Mind Tree found the move skeptical as they said that the biggest challenge for Infosys was to get growth momentum back. “We have to wait and watch how the changes in the leadership role shape up Infosys,” a company spokesman said.

Nomura reiterated their reduce rating on shares of Infosys Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: INFY) in a research report sent to investors on Tuesday morning, ARN reports. The comeback didn’t have much of an impact on the shares as the average ratings were to hold the stock.

Mr. Narayana Murthy’s come back to Infosys is being seen much as a strategic turn around to build more trust factor amongst the clientele. Infosys has forecasted a reduced profit margin in past announcements which has led to devaluation of shares.

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