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Poised with passion, Raunak Guha and Nidhi Kapoor were engulfed in startup business setup when they actually figured out that what the market really needs and came up with Foundermates. As they explain, FounderMates was born out of the founders’ frustration when they were working on a different idea earlier. They did research and customer interviews, but when it came to execution, they realized they needed experts, incubator funding, tech accelerators and investors for their initiative take a proper shape and catch traction in the market. The wheel had to be spun at least once! FounderMates looks to solve the problem with their first Accelerate Your Startup workshop.

Nidhi holds MBA degree with specialization in entrepreneurship and Raunak has on edge and knowledge with MBA, both form Imperial College London. Having their share of experience, Nidhi has worked with startups Lokku and Elevate Direct in London. Prior to this she was an ERP consultant at Accenture and Capgemini. Complementing the skillset, Raunak has worked as business development executive with OptiRisk Systems UK, a financial analytics startup. He has also consulted an Angel Investment company in the UK. Prior to this, he worked with Wipro Technologies as a CRM consultant.

accelerate your startup

While exploring the abundant possibilities of their previous entrepreneurial expedition, they struggled to find relevant advisors which slowed down the process and the founders realized that none of the existing channels solved this puzzle for entrepreneurs. Investment for business with mentorship and value add to the concept was almost out of reach. Existing platforms predominantly catered to investment while ignoring the advisory aspect. This led the duo to evolve their ideas and create something now known as FounderMates.

FounderMates is an online marketplace that enables entrepreneurs to connect to mentors and experts. FounderMates disrupts the current methods of seeking mentorship for start-ups by

Giving free advice to entrepreneur

Bringing together experts and mentors on a common platform

For a step wise execution and face to face mentorship and guidance, FounderMates is organizing Accelerate Your Startup workshop in New Delhi on June 29, 2013. A day long intensive hands-on workshop will teach you how to fine tune your business plan, prepare a winning pitch for business and accelerator’s perspective on startup applications and case studies.

Accelerate your Startup workshop for entrepreneurs in New Delhi intends to help entrepreneurs understand more about accelerators and incubators, how they work and hand-hold entrepreneurs with their business plan and pitch to up their chances of getting accepted into an accelerator.

Who should attend? Entrepreneurs and start-ups from Delhi/NCR and other parts on the country, who look for mentorship, remove road blocks, ready for an in-depth analysis on business plan, tips on how to sell your idea to an accelerator and entrepreneurs who want to step above “do it all by yourself” environment. Great help for start-ups that require an in-depth analysis of business plan, understanding on how to pitch an idea to investors or incubators and know how to sell idea to an accelerator. Several motivating gifts and goodies will also be distributed to the attendees during the event. You could book your seats and get great early bird discounts on MeraEvents.

“There is a boom in the number of accelerators and incubators in India. However, the competition to get into an accelerator is very stiff. Entrepreneurs don’t realize how to select the right accelerator program, how to apply and how to enhance their chances of selection”, said Raunak. FounderMates looks to fill the gap and answer all the questions for entrepreneurs and start-ups or even the aspiring entrepreneurs in pre-revenue stage.


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