What Is Freelance Blogging?

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When I was asked to write this guest post I was quiet excited because I always want to tell people, what exactly I do, what is freelance blogging ? I was about to take a break for much awaited holiday so could not write it then and after my holiday ended, I had a heap of work lined up. As a freelance writer I must admit that I have become a workaholic, because I have a habit of not saying ‘no’ when it comes to writing. When I work I write, after I finish my work, I write my blog and before I sleep, I update my own microblog in my phone. In short all I do is write. It was like some three years back when I left my full time employment as a blogger, and started my ‘work from home’ career. I was always attracted towards the offbeat path. I am a big time travel buff plus as I have always believed that a main stream career is 20th century invention and I don’t like most of the inventions of the 20th century. So, one fine day I decided to leave the job for myself and start freelancing. When I started freelancing, I was quiet allured with the idea of sleeping till midday, amazing travel plans and full control over my time and the no boss on my head thought was just too amazing. After a month or so I realized that it is not going to be easy.

There are many challenges I faced in these last three years. There were days when I worked continuously for like 48 to 56 hours without sleeping. There were people who made me write for them but I never got paid for that. The internet has made this world a global microcosm but the chances of getting duped has also increased. I am a passionate writer and I don’t believe in the idea of earning mega bucks. All I want is to write and learn. As a freelance writer I have written more than twenty thousand articles on various topics. Be it travel, lifestyle, fashion, jewelry, gadget reviews, technology, entertainment, website pages or medical articles I never said no to any work that came my way. With time I have learned and gained knowledge related to various niches and it added to my work. I have worked with many different people who are now more like friends to me on BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

Being a freelancer the best part is that I am my boss, and being a boss is not at all a cakewalk. Getting various projects, communicating with so many people like my clients and my writers, researching, writing, publishing my articles and managing my team of freelancers was never an easy task. Be it a minor head ache or tonsil removal surgery, I never got a medical leave. What is freelance blogging? Its managing your time and becoming a multi-tasker with up surging work.

My day starts little late and ends when birds chirp and sun makes its entry through the curtains of my room. Throughout the day I am at home and sometimes I don’t even get time to take a shower for like a week. On the top of that, when a freelancer is at home it is obvious that family expects you to do the homely tasks like cleaning dishes, washing clothes, cooking and what not! Sometimes I manage my work, like mailing and talking to my clients while having a walk with my dog. I reply emails while cooking aloo gobhi and while I shop for grocery I prefer to talk to my freelancers and assign them the work. Thanks to my Smart phone, it has surely made my job of emailing and checking the sample articles easy. There are times when I am traveling and I work from trains or airports. It sounds crazy to my family because till date they are not sure of what exactly do I do.

When someone asks my mother, what I do? She gives a simple reply that she is a Masters in English Literature and Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications but she left her job some time back. Now she is in front of her laptop all the night and sleeps when the rest of the world works. It is way too difficult to make her understand so, I have now stopped doing that. Jokes apart, as a freelancer, what I have learned is that commitment, passion towards writing and respecting the deadlines is very important. I always respect my work and take all my projects like challenges. With my work from home profile I have imbibed immense knowledge from all the sources which came my way. It surely has added a meaningful dimensions to my life and with my experiences I have created my own work culture which makes me happy!

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