Joining Formalities in Companies

TWALKITOUT: Most of the times, we have similar Joining formalities in companies when you get recruited. Starting from the document check, they even want to know what the level of sugar in your blood is. Companies make it sure, both legally and financially to safeguard their interests while hiring a candidate and letting her/him join the campus. Let’s discuss in details about various joining formalities in companies before date of joining. We have tried to keep the list informative and easy to understand.

1)      Grade Sheet check: Most basic formality s to check all the documents. This process is carried on in two phases, i.e. pre joining and post joining.

In pre joining phase, you are asked to upload the scanned PDF files of detailed mark/grade sheets right from 10th std. up to the Bachelor’s or master’s degree including semester results.

Post joining, all the grade sheets are verified against the originals you carry along. Make it sure to carry same documents that you uploaded.

2)      PAN Card and Passport: You are advised to get a PAN card and passport legally processed and availed from the governing bodies responsible, as these two play a vital role in identification and work scalability.

3)      National Skills Registry (NSR) Registration: NASSCOM has come up with an initiative to keep a record of the tech work force in the country, which allows you to build up a profile based on your confirmed qualification, finger prints and reg. No. this long term project gives one a facility to propose her/himself via this profile to IT companies worldwide.

4)      Medical Reports: Getting an overall medical checkup certificate is a vital part of joining formalities in companies. The test reports from any registered practitioner have an expiry date. As you enter an organization, you need to be 100% fit but the major reason behind this are provisions of health insurance, for which your health needs to be tested and recorded to device your policy and cover by the management.

5)      Criminal background confirmation: A few organizations even ask you for a ‘no criminal background’ document from the concerned authorities.

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6)      Experience Letter(if any) : An experience letter from the previous place of work needs to be authentic up to the duration of work, nature of job, projects undertaken etc. as there is a separate team that checks and confirms your information with your previous employer.

7)      Traveling allowance: If your company provides you a one time traveling allowance, keep the tickets intact so that you can submit them to generate a claim later.

8)      Salary Bank Account: Most of the Companies do-not bar you to open your salary account with bank of your choice. If your company has no such restriction, you could get your bank account documents done with your desired bank during the joining or initial days post joining. Later when your SAP account gets done in the company records, you could update account details there.

Make a checklist of all the above mentioned of joining formalities in companies plus the ones listed by your employer. Knowing about these formalities will help you keep yourself a step ahead. Readers are free to add more in comment section if we have missed any major one to create a resource for of joining formalities in companies.

(content is indicative, may differ across the sector. photo

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