How to Choose Best College?

TWALKITOUT: Vidit got hold of a great college after his 12th grade exams while watching television. He had no knowledge on how to choose best college for himself. This advertisement on TV showed all the best facilities on campus, huge libraries, play fields, staff, labs etc. Vidit got highly impressed and took off to this extraordinarily expensive college without confirming its past track record, placement records and years of excellence. As the degree came to its final year, Vidit had nothing in hand apart from the glorious 4 years of fun and photographs.

choose best college

Do you want to land up in the same scenario? But how to choose best college or university? How do we know that the colorful brochure boasting about the best in country facilities and teaching staff is true to every word? So we made a check list of qualities and approvals that a college/ university must have to help you choose best college for yourself

1)      Technical courses run by college/University must be AICTE approved. Unapproved courses may lead you to disappointment while going for placements or higher studies.

2)      University must be UGC approved and Graded by NAAC. UGC approved universities have a certain standard in terms of Facility, Staff, Courses, Credit System, Student intake etc.

3)      Brand name of colleges with great alumni and funding rather than advertising, attract companies for placement drives. When the passed out batches are doing great in the industry, their placement drives definitely cover the same colleges every year.

4)      Great colleges rarely advertise their brand as they are industry acknowledged.

5)      Faculty is the founding pillars of a college. Faculty’s involvement in research activities, conferences and meet-ups in college determined their worth.

6)      Strength and variety of courses offered by the college determine the business approach of the institution. Universities with huge strength and innumerable courses cut sown competition and quality. Corporate world is set keep distance from such institutions until and unless they have something special going on.

7)      Infrastructure, that not only gives an in-campus residence, but has facilitates for extra activities, entrepreneurial initiatives and workshops.

8)      Guests visiting the institution from sisterly colleges, or exchange programs also denote the quality of environment in the college.

One must take care of the above mentioned points before getting admitted in any college solely influenced by attractive commercial on television. It’s not tough to confirm all the required information about any institute provided they have a record on college website. One must go through this check list to choose best college or university.


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