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TWALKITOUT: Throwing a party for grown-ups was never a problem, but to make it super cool with beer tubes, funnels, classy mugs and all kinds of party accessories, which you would only see in bars and pubs, was a trouble. One had no choice to take all those beer bunnies to a pub and shell out the bills. Remember the beer pong games in Hollywood movies? EShack sneaks in to be your saviors and gives your party a total makeover! EShack, an online store is a student start-up for drinking and party accessories and merchandise. The idea is to revolutionize parties in India by bringing a range of party products that people have never used or seen before to their homes. All you need to do is visit EShack and shop.

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Brainies Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh at EShack one drunken night in Bangkok while chugging from a beer bong and playing beer pong, decided to introduce these products to the Indian consumer. In no time, adults having a good time changed into responsible entrepreneurs, willing to churn out a vast visible market across the country. Motivation of working for themselves and charm of being the decision maker continuously motivates them. They believe that will to work and strong ethics takes them up the ladder in the entrepreneurs ecosystem.

So far EShack has conducted promotional parties in Delhi and Kolkata with attendees in numbers more than hundred. These parties showcase new products such as our Single and Double Funnel Beer Bongs and our classic Beer Pong Table, which is not available anywhere else in India.

EShack is looking to tie up with bigger beer brands in India and get the concepts of beer pong games to India, which are wildly accepted and celebrated in western countries. EShack looks to target people monotonous parties and people fond of great partying concepts.

In India, alcohol is being blended with music and sold to followers; EShack puts a new concept of party and alcohol mixed with fun and no labels. As they say,” attendees would not just be drinking or dancing they would be experiencing a whole new culture of parties and events that we hope will revolutionize parties in India”.

Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh depend upon a very small team knit together by trust and mutual agreement over performance and ethics. They believe in taking risks, doing best in difficult situations and following the gut feeling. Being a student start-up, they advise students to go ahead if they had any idea, never give up on education and maintain a balance with what they did.

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