Apple Mac Pro at WWDC: Most Powerful Machine Ever!

TWALKITOUT: “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.” Exclaimed Apple executive Phill at the launch ceremony of Apple’s most powerful machine Apple Mac Pro workstation. It’s a cylindrical desktop computer and the most powerful machine built by Apple.

This is the top notch hardware from Apple and targets a narrow segment of professionals like photographers, designers, animators and videographers, who look for a better performing storage and fast rendering.

As the iMac and MacBook Pro became more powerful, most had moved from previous versions of Mac Pro, but this one is a symbol of innovation and a token of capacity of how Apple could make its user more resourceful on the go than any other vendor’s assembled units.


Mac Pro is a revolution in desktop design boasting a cylindrical body occupying less space and giving a modern touch to design, abandoning the age old box shaped systems. It’s not possible to stack-in standard video cards. Mac Pro users will have to either get cards that fit the custom shape of the new computer or plug them into the computer using a Thunderbolt 2 connection.

This dependency on Thunderbolt connection to expand is likely to hurt the expectations of those who always want to customize. Apple will have to ponder upon it and bring about an upgrade soon.

“We don’t want to switch to PC because a lot of the software we use is Mac only, and we’ve been Mac users for a long, long time,” said Chris Layhe of CLAi, a San Francisco post-production studio, and “adding that all his backups and stored video is Mac compatible.”

Mac Pro fetches merely 19% of Apple’s total revenue, where iPhones get whopping 49% of its total wallet. Although, no price has been fixed yet, but the Apple Mac Pro community is happy for Apple did not abandon the section for its low productivity to the company.

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