How to Book Train Ticket via SMS


Train ticket booking in IRCTC is the most painful process most of us has experienced on Internet. In a fortnight, the situation will change and you can book tickets on IRCTC in flash even without Internet connection. IRCTC is all set to launch ticket booking via SMS this July. We thought of compiling this helpful indicative guide on how to book train ticket via SMS to IRCTC.

How to start?

  1. Register your mobile number with IRCTC and obtain a password (the password could be a numeric PIN which is the industry standard). This is to prevent the misuse when your phone is with someone else.
  2. Register with your bank and get an MMID for your bank account. This will help IRCTC to identify the account to be debited.

How to book train ticket via SMS?

Just go to “Compose SMS” and enter the details of the journey. You will be required to enter

  • Train number
  • Date of Journey
  • Class (Sleeper, 2AC or 3AC)
  • From and To station
  • Name of the passenger
  • Gender and Age of the Passenger
  • IRCTC provided password
  1. Now IRCTC will send a SMS to confirm the information and provide you with a transaction ID.
  2. You will be required to send an SMS to bank to obtain a One Time Password (OTP) for the particular transaction.
  3. Finally you have to confirm the payment by sending “PAY IRCTC_Transaction_ID MMID OTP IRCTC_Password” to the number given by IRCTC.
  4. Your transaction will be completed and you will get the ticket by SMS.
  5. Similar to the e-tickets, the SMS, along with an ID proof, itself is a valid ticket. No need for any printouts.

The SMS sent to IRCTC will be charged at Rs.3/sms. The charges for payment gateway would be Rs. 5 for tickets less than Rs. 5000 and Rs. 10 for tickets greater than Rs.5000. Besides these, there will be service charge levied by IRCTC

Note: IRCTC has not released any official statements on how to book train ticket via SMS. This report is based on the common industry standards of sms-ticketing. IRCTC is expected to bring a similar system. However changes, if any, will be updated in the article once it is officially released by IRCTC.

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