and Linkbucks Blocked in India – The Workaround

TWALKITOUT: Remember shirt links that lead you to an ad, make you wait for a couple of seconds and finally lead you to the page you are looking for? and Linkbucks are two websites that are creator’s best companion. They offer the freemium model of content without any hassle. The creator can earn revenue in exchange of the advertisement that the user sees before navigating to his webpage. This is no worry interface for both the creator and user.

The working is pretty simple. You click on a link that is redirected through any of these services. An ad with a header of the corresponding website appears. You need to watch this ad for a specific duration (8 seconds in Linkbucks and 5 seconds in before you can skip it to the actual website. doubles itself as a URL shortner along with being a revenue generator.

Starting June 13, these websites are blocked in India by the Department of Telecom (DoT) according to the order from the Judicial Department. The details of such order are unknown yet. It is interesting to note that these two services do not host any content other than displaying advertisements and the DoT blocks websites that cause the concern about privacy.

Adfly has responded saying that they will request the DoT to lift the ban. But the Indian system is too long for that to take place. So until DoT removes the ban, here are a few tricks to use adfly and Linkbucks like as ever.

SSL Encryption ( only)

This is the easiest of all. When an links gives the blocked message, just change the protocol in the address bar.

If the link is, then just add an ‘s’ to the http protocol and change it as

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately), DoT has not blocked these encrypted pages.

Hotspot Shield

This is a bit tricky. You need to download the hotspot shield software and install it. This software changes your IP address and relays it through a foreign ‘hotspot’. This will however be a slow process since it depends on the Bandwidth of your relay network as well.

Tor Browser Bundle

Now, this is a geeky stuff. If you are really interested, download the Tor browser bundle, a non-profit community work that hides your actual IP, assigns you a duplicate IP, and relays your requests via a relay server located in some other country. The problem with this technique is that, you have to use a customized version of portable Firefox (and it’s a pretty old version) bundled along with the pack. You don’t have a second choice here. But however, on trials Tor is much faster than Hotspot Shield. Tor browser bundle is available for free.

Opera Turbo

Remember a browser named Opera? That will come in handy for this situation. This is the simplest of all methods. Download Opera browser and turn on Opera Turbo. That’s it. You are now good to go. Since the new version of Opera runs on Chromium engine (on which Chrome is also built), the interface will be much easier for Chrome users.

The secret here is that, Opera Turbo, is a patented technology that downloads the webpage first on Opera’s servers, compress them and send them to the user. This is the same technique used in Opera Mini mobile browsers. Since the web pages are not rendered in their original URL, they are not blocked.

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