BOOMTOWN: Slice of Entrepreneurship by IIM Alumnus Aditya Mukherjee

TWALKITOUT:  As an IIM Bangalore alumnus, Aditya Mukherjee is driven by values and hard work. Aditya grew up travelling, a new city every 2 to 3 years like Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Manchester, Mumbai & Ahmedabad. Aditya  who did his grads in Singapore and works for a management consulting firm in Delhi, along the while, saw the whole thing change from his point of view. Lots of traveling and habit of reading brought in the love for books and here we have the first published and officially launched novel “Boomtown”.

Selecting a Name

What made him go on with this name he says, “It just hit me one day! I wanted something catchy – and the name just hit me and it fit. Because there was a time when the US was where we are today – in a period of transition, of rapid growth and change. And cities were sprouting up – Boomtowns, around some resource or some road – and people flocked there to follow their dreams. With part of the book set in Gurgaon, that name just clicked.”

boomtown_Aditya Mukherjee

What’s Boomtown About?

Aditya tries to elucidate intricate issues and things behind the curtains for any entrepreneur emphasizing on how he/she takes each day on, competing in the real as well as their own worlds. As he explained, Boomtown is about four very different people coming together to try and start a restaurant and their adventure in doing so. It is also about a meeting of opposites – about traditional culture meeting modern innovation, about people from different backgrounds in our new, great cities – and it’s about breezing past these differences because you’re chasing a dream. When people are poised with  dreams they don’t care about small, useless things. You could check out an excerpt from Boomtown.

There are parts that Aditya relates to the most and likes the genuineness of the tale himself. These are parts to do with Jaaved.  Jaaved is the grandson of the owner of an iconic Old Delhi eatery – something like Karim’s. But he is a dreamer and an innovator. He dreams up his own recipes, he creates new things. And he’s willing to chase after that. Writer is a firm believer in the transcendental nature of dreaming things up. It’s a beautiful feeling to him and wishes to capture in writing.


As he explains, “I used to read continuously as a child. My most favorite author in terms of fan boy-ism would be Terry Pratchett. I’ve read everything he’s written. In terms of my own writing style, I’d prefer to be like Mark Twain or GB Shaw – since they are better for slice of life. Pratchett is too crazy for a large part of the Indian audience – but his mixture of philosophical depth and a crackling story is something that I definitely strive for.”

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Challenges Faced

Boomtown actually happened without much hassle. Aditya participated in a competition and met Urmila Dasgupta after winning! She sent it out to publishing houses and Rupa Publications picked it up. Aditya has had a wonderful experience to work with them. Kausalya Saptarshi, who handles fiction there, is one of his good friends now. Boomtown is available on Flipkart.

Aditya is no wonder a writer who could stumble upon a writer’s block, but he finds a way out by setting up daily goals of getting things done on paper, however unsettled. Once on paper, can be organized and formulated according to the requirement of the story. He believes in jotting down what needs to be noted and edited to the par late on.

Advice to Aspiring writers

“I think any content needs to have two aspects – something that makes it fit in, and something that makes it stand out. You have to straddle both of those – if you veer too deep towards one, it’s probably going to be difficult for you. For example, if you write something so out there that nobody can relate to it, you’ll find a lot of opposition to it. If you write something that everyone knows/ has seen you’re wasting your time. That’s the hard part – that’s what needs thought”, said Aditya.

All in all, Boomtown looks to impress us for its deep rooted characters, genuineness of content and majority of scenarios landing in the field an entrepreneur could relate with. Boomtown is just not about becoming a big fish, it’s a witty story of food, friendship, romance and adventure, marks the arrival of an exciting new talent. It promises to connect to a sea of thoughts that come across your mind in various scenarios of life, depending on a plot based on having a concrete faith on ability to dream and chase dreams.

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