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To express love, emotions, gratitude and affection, all it takes is an initiation.Words can always take you to the destiny. Here’s an ode to a father from a daughter to express the love, bond and intensity of this relationship, which can never fade away. Wish all the readers a Happy Father’s Day ! These touching words have been written by our Guest author known by his pen name “Satirical Human“. Read and connect the emotion.

To my dearest darling,

the first and foremost form of love giver,

the first and yet unrecognized hero of my life,

the only one to give me life and teach its meaning too.


An ode is not what he expects ever,

an ode is not what I can give him ever…

As it’s all relative and he himself is the yard stick,

as all what I get or give would be immeasurable to what he gave me…

father's day

Words are only symbolic,

the feeling is far beyond expressable…

It is what, only we can experience,

the gratitude is far greater than measurable…


The swinging swings, the moving lessons,

the unsaid stories, the collaborative drawings,

I miss but enjoy them sill, sometimes in dreams and sometimes in memories,

I wish I could always be the gal, the little gal in his lap again.


Today I write, what I could never even read,

he could understand what I could never say…

Today I can say, what I never could think,

he can still understand, what I can never imagine…


Then I grew, had friends for family,

but for him it was always me before friends,

there were things a father wanted to say to teach,

but he had his own ways to make me understand what a growing gal needs.


The first day of school I missed him the most,

but till the last day he waited for me the most,

the time flew and his care grew,

but I was a big gal now he knew.


He was the pillar holding my ceiling high,

there were seasons, I could not ever paint,

He was still there unlike the fair weather bird…

preaching me to rise, rise to levels I could not see.


Welcoming me was now the college life,

the beginning of adulthood, the independence I always longed,

he gave me the wings- I used to fly,

the responsibilities were told, but his confidence kept me always high.


There were bad days too, each day had some stories,

sometimes we had time to share,

sometimes I just saw and learnt…

there were days everyone was upset with me but for Him, he was still happy for me.


As days went by, I even forgot to say bye,

the college nights came, but he never forgot me even for one,

with all that came the inevitable too,

I met ‘him’, he who was the new guy…


The stage had come and the stage was all set,

I was in redefining mode – love, beauty, passion…

Discovering them in one, was not easy,

as till then it was ‘He’, all in one, but I now wanted it to be in him…


He could smell the change, feel the pain for me,

yet even not comforting the feeling at times,

did not let me give in, as he wanted me not to settle for the rest, but just the best…

He knew it was time for change, and also to see me through the change but not to change me…


The day I finally made it from college to a company,

he was the happiest one,

care, achievement, pride all could be seen together in his eyes…

What was not shown was the pain of parting which he felt…


Soon the day came and he was all set to see me off,

off to a new world beyond home, family and comfort…

What he felt and went through I knew but he never told,

what he told was just to take care and be wise…


Then came time of the phone call era,

calls he would wait for to know my well-being,

calls I used to make to get more strength to be in the strange land,

though he never said but I always felt it, even over the phone…


Strangers became friends, worries vanished,

work became routine and time became the costliest…

I got more money in my pocket than ever before,

but not his company, to enjoy that with, which I still longed for…


As the days passed, the calls also reduced – both in frequency and duration,

his wait got longer and my stories even shorter…

Also, there came someone else I wanted to share with,

though I tried to be fair but ended up being biased towards the new found love.


But His love and care were unconditional,

he might have even known and felt difficult,

but still he never put it in words,

as he understood the need or truly respected my feelings…


Giving me space and comfort,

He had started taking my advice,

Giving me chance to grow,

He let me take decisions too…


I feel so blessed when I look back now,

to have Him as my Father,

though I may not be exactly the kind of daughter he expected,

but he has undoubtedly been always better Dad than I ever expected…


There are things I still want to write,

but they are numerous to read out,

and what can’t be read mustn’t be written,

as I know you feel what even my words will always fall short of in saying…


Thanks Dad…

Your darling daughter…

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I am a Human having a Satirical view. This is my pen name as I believe in the naming the pen rather than the person. Since satire is in every human life so I am not only the one who has written it but also the person reading it right now. I write to discover the meaning in what's unwritten.

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