TEDxCartRoad Shimla: The Buzz in Town

TWALKITOUT: These days, each time I meet my friends, they are all talking about TEDx event in Shimla, TEDxCartRoad. I am a curious person and I just love to get into the root of everything I come across. So, recently, I asked my friends, what exactly is the buzz around the town and who is this TED? Well, some of them told me little this and that about the TED Talks but no one could give me the exact idea. Till then, what all I had understood was, TED was started by a guy named Richard Saul Wurmanin 1984 and it is anon-profitable organization where people discuss some ideas. It was more or less like a discussion forum I thought.


It was recently, that I checked some videos related to TED Talks on YouTube and I was totally enthralled. Later I figured out its website for more details. The slogan of TED: “Ideas worth Spreading” is really impressive and now I have realized that TED is actually much more than the motivational speeches. Considering the mission of TED, and to provide opportunity of TED like experience at local level, TEDx was created. TEDx gives a chance to various communities, organizations and individuals to spread their ideas. A TEDx event is executed in a planned way with proper coordination and the event is organized either independently or on a community-by-community basis. As I read on their website.

We all look for something which can motivate us and our attitude with some mind boggling ideas. Passion is something which drives us but we all require some motivation with which we can channelize our energies in a positive direction. At TED talks we get to know about the inspiring, knowledgeable and breathtaking ideas and how its execution changed many lives.

After getting a little peek-a-boo related to TEDx, I am really curious to see how exactly it is going to happen. I am looking forward for the upcoming TEDxCartRoad Shimla event which is scheduled for 21st July 2013.  I hope it’s going to be a memorable experience to listen to the speeches of some dynamic and passionate personalities who have achieved something or the other in various fields. The team of TEDx Shimla too is impressive and I hope it is going to be a great experience learning from them.

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