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TWALKITOUT: Losing fat is most heard about problem for many. Most of us make unmeasured efforts ambiguously to shed some pounds. Some stop eating, some start jogging and some begin with fat burning shakes. If you take our fitness conscious friend Hitesh Arya’s advice, it’s stupid spending money for fat loss and better to follow a fat loss workout routine.

Fat gain and loss is a natural phenomenon and completely based upon one’s rate of metabolism.

The word metabolism in simple words refers to all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between different cells.

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On a mission to lose fat, you must set the following standards in your workout and diet. For simplicity, I have divided the whole thing into 2 parts, workout and diet.

1)      Workout on a fat loss routine must not be more than 25-30 minutes max. If you work out for more than that, it’ll affect your rate of metabolism and alter the overall system of your body.

2)      Maintain intensity in your work out! Do-not take a break more than 1 minute in between your 25 min workout schedule. These 25 min of intensive workout will force your body to burn that extra fat by increasing the metabolic activity.

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3)      Cutting the calorie intake won’t help, because sudden fall in the level of calorie intake could trigger your body to save the incoming calorie in form of fat as a precaution.

Follow this insane workout strategy that I have been following and suggesting to many as an effective fat loss workout:

Go for intense workout like running on trade mill for 1 min. at an elevation of 3-4 at speed of 7-9km for 30 seconds and then drop the elevation and speed for 15 sec rest. This will recharge your body and give it time to use reserve energy.

For proper fat loss workouts, you need to incorporate your upper and lower body as well, most of the people abandon their legs form regular workout, which lands them u with deformed body proportion and shape.

(photo credits: writer’s personal experience, advised to consult physician and coach)

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