3 Signs When Your Boss Wants You to QUIT!!

TWALKITOUT: Full of competition, Corporate sector has more than just performance based issues to land you up in a situation when your boss wants you to quit. You may be working hard or burning the midnight oil, but to your amazement nothing turns out to be in your favor. Well, it’s time to look for a better workplace that pays you back what your work is worth for.

1)      Are you fixing the low priority issue? If time after time, you are being assigned the issues with no priority, it’s time to say bye bye. Constant exposure to such issues means your employer’s lack of faith in your abilities and your boss wants you to quit. On the other hand, such a situation has a lot of impact on your competence and learning. You always end up doing what is out of the hot skill zone.

boss wants you to quit

2)      Are you sitting idle for more than 5 months? If you are doing nothing for more than 5 months and sitting as a reserve or bench strength to the company, you are moreover like a stock, that could be used in the need of hour but is kept to wrought, and tarnish skills. This is the time when your boss wants you to quit for sure. If you land up in this situation, you could be wasting your precious time and getting out-skilled. It’s better to train yourself and look for better opportunities.



3)      No double digit hike? After a yearlong hard work, you land up at only 5-6% of hike in your salary is highly disappointing, when your company is repeatedly reporting growth of 20-25% year on year. This is a clear indication that again your boss wants you to quit and you shouldn’t be hiding your face. At the same time this impacts your long run bilability and the salary cost that you could ask for.

Suppose you land up with low figure hikes every year, the hike % next year would be calculated on a lower amount. You would definitely not see yourself where you thought of after 5 years!

This is the time to wreck your brain and analyze what’s really going on. Are you merely a resource for the company or you are getting a value adding back as well. Don’t forget it’s the precious year of your youth that you are investing into your career. It’s the same years of youth when Steve Jobs created Apple, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, Narayan Murthy set up Infosys and Chanda Kochhar, CEO of ICICI Bank worked her way to the top. Pick the signs early and make your move towards a successful career.

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