Facebook’s June 20: Mystery Event

TWALKITOUT: Facebook has invited the press for an event at its Menlo Park headquarters on June 20. What will be unveiled at this event is still unknown. Looks like Zuck is following Steve Jobs’ way of Press events. Keeping everything secret until the last moment.

Facebook had a lot of big announcements this year. They had something or the other every month. From January, Facebook has introduced the redesigned timeline, graph search and most recently the Facebook Home launcher for Android and Hashtags( read more about Hashtags). So, we could expect a similar or even bigger announcement on Thursday.

june 20 facebook event

The most interesting thing about Facebook’s June 20 event is its invitation. The invitation is not sent by Email but by the Snail mail. It also has a coffee stain on its side and the main text reads

A small team is working on a big idea. Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.

TechCrunch had speculated that there could a RSS reader made by Facebook. It further states that developers have spotted links named ‘rssfeeds’ in Facebook’s Graph search API. May be coffee stain might represent the morning paper we used have along with Coffee, similar to how we obtain news from RSS feeds.

Mashable, on the other hand, tipped that it could be the Postcard service that Facebook tested with limited users last year. It is a service that sends physical copies of Facebook photos to your friends via Postal mail for a nominal fee. Sending invitations via Post could be a representation of that.

While speculations are going on, multiple sources including CNET reported today that Facebook could launch the Instagram Videos. The service, similar to Twitter’s Vine is already confirmed by its employees. It further reports that all the invitation stuff could be to distract the attention and keep it as a secret until launch.

While the rumour mills are working overtime, nobody can confirm what we can expect at the event tomorrow. We hope Facebook has a great product to reveal tomorrow. The event will take place at 09:15 Pacific Time (20:45 IST) on Thursday.

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