IRCTC SMS Booking: How-to guide

TWALKITOUT: IRCTC is about to launch SMS and USSD booking services for train tickets to simplify the ticket booking process.The IRCTC SMS Booking service will be launched on July 1st. To know what it means keep reading.

IRCTC has tied up with 3 companies for providing the SMS service and 1 service provider so far to provide the USSD service of IRCTC SMS Booking.


The companies that provide SMS services are

  • Bharat BPO
  • Frequency Weekly
  • Pyro

The services that provide the USSD booking are

  • Airtel Money

Each service has their unique way of booking. Here we give you the simplest guide to the entire process.

What you need to have?

  • Register your mobile number on IRCTC website (one time process)
  • Register your mobile number on your bank account and activate SMS banking (one time process)
  • You will also need to receive a unique MMID from your bank for every transaction

SMS: Bharat BPO

SMS Number: 139

Step 1

Type the details in following format and send it to the above mentioned number.

BOOK <TrainNo> <FromCity> <ToCity> <TravelDate(DDMM)> <Class> <Passenger1- Name> <Age> <Gender> <Passenger2-Name> <Age> <Gender> (upto 6 passengers)

e.g.: BOOK 16107 MS CBE 0207 SL KUMAR 25 M PRIYA 22 F

If the format is correct, IRCTC will send you a confirmation SMS with the following details

  • Transaction ID
  • Ticket Amount
  • Service Charge
  • Total Amount payable
  • Seat Availability

e.g.: TID: 2501368 Ticket Amount: 900 Service Charges: 20 Seat: AVAILABLE- 0228

Step 2

You will have to receive your MMID and One Time Password (OTP) from your bank. After receiving the MMID, send an SMS in the following format to the same number.

PAY <Transaction ID> IMPS <Your MMID> <One Time Password> <IRCTCUserID>

e.g.: PAY 2501368 IMPS 123456 7897 Kumar52

The ticket will be booked and will be sent to you via SMS.

SMS: Frequency Weekly

Frequency Weekly supports both IMPS and mPay (Mobile Wallet service provided by service providers)

SMS Number: 5676714

Step 1

SMS your IRCTC user ID in the following format to authenticate


e.g.: START Kumar52

Step 2

Send an SMS with journey details in the following format

BOOK <FrmStnCode,ToStnCode,DDMMYY,TrnNo,Class,PsngrName1,Age1,M/F,PsngrName2,Age 2,M/F>

e.g.: MS,CBE,020713,16107,SL,KUMAR,25,M,PRIYA,22,F

You can include upto 6 passengers

You will receive a confirmation SMS like this

Availability details are TxnID: 92224487261426141055, Fare:277 (Incl.ISC:Rs10,ASC:Rs10,PG:Rs10) Avail: AVAILABLE-0529. Please send SMS PAY 92224487261426141055,IMPS/MPAY to book ticket

Step 3

To authenticate your payment and book tickets send an SMS in the following format

PAY TransactionID,<IMPS> or <MPAY>

e.g.: PAY 32224487261426141055,IMPS

The ticket will be sent to you by SMS.

SMS: Pyro

Pyro is the simplest of all. It is a Java application that uses SMS to book tickets. But it has its own limitations. It only works with

  • BSNL Mobile connection
  • Andhra Bank account

It provides a visual interface for ticket booking which is simple and hassle free.

USSD: Airtel Money

USSD Number : *400#

Airtel Money is a digital wallet service provided by Airtel. For ticket booking first you have to register with Airtel Money and then load your account with Cash.

For booking, dial the USSD code (which is yet to be announced), choose Train Booking. You also have additional options like PNR enquiry and availability status. The ticket charge will be debited against your airtel money account and you will be sent the tickets via SMS.


MMID is issued by your bank for transactions through SMS. Every bank has their own way of issuing MMIDs. But mostly it is a one step process. The details of obtaining MMID will be given to you while activating SMS Banking. All banks India, with the exception of Standard Charted Bank, provide IMPS or MMID services.

A big kudos to IRCTC SMS Booking for going digital and mobile friendly and giving us almost every available option to book tickets. Hope this doesn’t repeat how IRCTC website get paralyzed under the load of huge traffic.

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