FiduAsia Analysis: Fake or Not

TWALKITOUT: If you are an Engineering Graduate from Chennai, you might have received a text message since the past month informing about the 3000 vacancies available at FiduAsia’s Chennai branch. The message also stated that they will be recruiting students in batches of 30 (Yes, that means almost half of your class in the same company). For more details they have given the company’s website www[dot]fiduasia[dot]com.

I’ve received calls and texts from lot of my friends about this company and saw a few posts on various Facebook pages for Fresher’s Jobs. But to me, it smelled fishy. So I decided to dig deep about this company. And here is what I found out.

Where are you from?

www[dot]fiduasia[dot]com claims that they have a vast expertise in their field and they have a lot of diversified business across the IT and ITES industry. They also proclaim that they are one among the top companies in their field in the South East Asia.

When I first visited the website, about a month ago, there was a clear mention that they are headquartered in Singapore. But now, there is no mention about where they come from, what they had been doing previously and not even a mention of their parent company.

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If there had been any parent company, why they haven’t mentioned it on the website? The website looks like it is the only website of the company and it talks only about its Chennai operations.

UPDATE: While I write this article (it took me a long time to write this one) the site is updated to provide their contacts at various south East Asian countries. They have given the contacts of Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong addresses along with the Chennai address.

BUT with the help of my friends in Singapore, I was able to confirm that there is no such company in the address provided. We took the help of Google maps in finding their other locations but we were out of luck. We couldn’t find any reference to www[dot]fiduasia[dot]com in the locations they provided.

A little Googling

Then I called in my best companion, Google, to take part in the research. The result was something I expected. On Googling their name “FiduAsia”, the first few results pointed to their own website. Next few were job portals which displayed that ‘3000 in 30 a batch’ recruitment advertisements.

Further down came the interesting thing. It was titled “FiduAsiacom: Scam or Legit” on the Scam adviser website. It was a website that checks the trustworthiness of various websites across the web and gives a score to them. They gave www[dot]fiduasia[dot]com a very poor score of 15 out of 100. They had also advised users not to visit the site.

Beyond this there were no other results that was talking about FiduAsia as a company. This is surprising given that they are not new to the field (or atleast that is what they say).

A While Ago

FiduAsia’s website does not provide any information on the origin of the company. Nothing about the founders, the year it was found or the location of the foundation. Nothing was available. So, I decided to find it out myself. For an IT / ITES company, a website is one of the mandatory requirements. So I checked when the website was registered and it was a complete shock. Here is the domain details

Domain details of FiduAsia


17 APRIL 2013, just a month ago. And registration details of the domain are hidden. Why on earth would a corporate company do that? And look at the registrar! It is based on Queensland, Australia. Not in India, not in East Asia. But in Australia. Why is that?


Writers Wanted!

And there is a fun part too! They don’t even have a content writer (maybe I shall get a job there). They had a nice description of their jobs at each and every segment. At the first look, as an internet writer, I loved that. When I selected those text, IE10 showed me an option to Bing it (or rather Google it, in Microsoft’s terms). And Whoa! Copy Cats!

FiduAsia’s website

fiduasia content

fiduasia content

Here is where it is copied from…


Another Example


fiduasia content

Again, this is what FiduAsia has

fiduasia content

And here is the original

I don’t accuse them for copying. The world itself is full of copycats. But they should at the least have the ethics of acknowledging the original script writers.

So, what’s the verdict?

I have reached out to FiduAsia for further details. But I haven’t heard back from them, at the time of writing this article. I would love to have a clarification on my doubts.


Just because they haven’t mentioned their source, just because they haven’t got any reference, just because they have created their website only a month ago, or even just because they copied their content, they could not be called Fake.

They might not be fake and trying to put up things from the scratch. But we advise you to take your steps carefully if you are going to apply for them. Think twice or even twenty times before making any decision. Because there is no CTRL+Z in life.

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