100GB FREE Cloud Storage by SurDoc Leaps Beyond Google Drive, iCloud and MS SkyDrive

TWALKITOUT: There’s no denial to cloud storage, some use it on purpose while some are relying for storage on a cloud without a whisker of knowledge. We’ve all had premium services advertised to us, like Microsoft’s SkyDrive(7GB), Google Drive(5GB), iCloud (5GB),Dropbox (5GB) and many more, that hand you a bill for your storage either to turn that void to 1 MB or up to a certain limit as mentioned above, 5GB for most. SurDoc redefines backup on cloud and appears in the picture with booming 100GB FREE storage on cloud which bets to be secure with patent pending technologies, backed by a leading document technology company and $4 million from IDG Ventures.

surdoc cloud storage

About SurDoc

SurDoc, based out of Menlo Park, California launched their beta services back in December, 2011. SurDoc is a cloud based storage and backup provider that has innovated far beyond just providing backup and comforted users with free/cheap storage which provides a bunch of facilities as well.

What makes SurDoc interesting:

100GB FREE storage to new users for the first year, on top of that, you won’t find an under lying caption “file size max. 8MB” as there are no file size restrictions. Don’t be sceptical for the after 1 year term, as you could win 10GB by refering a friend, 1GB by tweeting or posting to Facebook and additional 5GB by filling out a survey! Its as easy as it gets.

The platform is device independent. Works seamless on PC, tablets and smartphones allowing user to sync as many number of devices they desire to put on, hinting a sweet commercial solution for maintaining a multi device backup storage. Yes, it’s compatible with Android and shortly to be launched on Mac OS.

SurDoc doesn’t shoot you a reminder mail for file deletion, as the backup is permanent and stays in the archives forever!

Well, they just don’t stop being any cooler at this point and go beyond to your happening social network, where the entire buzz surrounds you. You can’t just login with your Facebook or Twitter account, you could even share files.

Is it secure?

TruPrivacy – A patent pending technology ensures that none other than you could touch your data. Even SurDoc has no clue of what’s in your files. They boast to provide Military grade Data Protection at your fingertips.

Are 100GB really possible?

SurCloud – A patent pending mechanism makes maximum storage possible on a minimum chunk of space. It’s a spear amongst various patents held by the Menlo Park based cloud storage expert. Check how to get 100GB storage on SurDoc.

Does it Support my format?

VisiDoc – This technology backed by multiple patents ensures high resolution viewing of any kind of document/files backed up on SurDoc on any platform.

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Our Take on SurDoc

We loved SurDoc for its huge 100GB free storage for the first year, innovation driven approach towards patent technologies, dedication to provide secure data storage and it’s compatibility across Windows and Android devices. Though, we would have love to see Mac OS X version launched up already, but it’s said to be on line. SurDoc leaves its much advertised competitors behind, those who make cloud storage look like a pie in the sky giving bits and pieces to the users. Over all it’s a go from our side. For more, just go on experimenting and sign up for SurDoc, it’s free to start with.

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