5 Reasons Why use Hashtag on Facebook

TWALKITOUT: Hastag on Facebook is a next big thing that has already happened to Facebook. More than an addition of a feature, hashtag can do more on Facebook’s user rich and content friendly format. We dipped inside and funneled out 5 reasons why use hashtag on Facebook.

1)    A hashtag on Facebook has its own unique URL that means every post consisting of a particular hashtag can be browsed on this URL.

why use hashtag

This page allows you to comment, share and like and do everything with this cataloged post on this unique page that the Facebook offers for any otter status update!

2)   Marketers have an opportunity to follow the trends of what is being discussed about their brands and in what respect! As the hashtag don’t need to be addressed to someone or posted on someone else’s timeline.

3)   Hashtag on Facebook could become a keyword directory for you to search the entire social network! Imagine, you would know what millions of social networkers have to say about it.


4)   Marketers have a lot of reasons for why use hashtag on Facebook, one more being able to keep a check on how their competitor hashtags are doing and associated with. This would raise the alarm much more in advance for the social media marketers.

5)   It’s another way of marketing offers associated with brands accords the globe with cutting the advertisement cost.


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Anuj Sharma

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