Facebook Chat Updates on iOS and Android may Change the Way we Chat

TWALKITOUT: Facebook Chat Updates on iOS and Android apps were rolled out beginning last week. The update along with a host of other features, introduced a nice little concept that could potentially change the way we chat.

Messaging is the mode preferred mode of communication of the modern world. Be it on the traditional SMS or platform specific BBM, iMessage or the long list of messaging apps supporting almost every OS out in the market. Whether you are an avid messenger or just a casual once-a-time user, you might have often used the clichés ‘hmm’, ‘k’, etc. These are the words (or phrases) that are used to acknowledge that we have received their message.

Facebook Chat Updates on iOS and Android

Facebook Chat Updates on iOS and Android has introduced a “one click acknowledgement” button in its Mobile apps’ chat screen. And that features a ‘thumbs up’ or more popularly called as the ‘like’ icon. When you open a chat thread, you will find a button with the ‘like’ icon next to the text entry field.

Clicking on it will send a like emoji (or smiley). That’s it. No need to type ‘hmm’ or ‘k’ to tell your friend that you have got him. This is not a big update. Even Facebook did not mention about this in the ‘What’s new’ category for the app update. The like button was already available in the list of emoji’s that Facebook offered. But having a one-click button is definitely a big deal.


Now, other messaging apps competing with Facebook’s own Messenger, could be introducing a similar feature in their’s. And this could well change the way we communicate. Snapchat, the popular self-destructive video sharing app, has had this feature long time back. And we could expect apps like WeChat and Whatsapp to follow the lane.

It is interesting to note that this ‘like’ button is available for the mobile apps on iOS, Android and even on the touch version of its mobile site, but not on the desktop site. This reiterates Facebook’s mobile first concept, where they had brought a huge collection of emoji’s and stickers to Mobile apps, while keeping it very limited on the desktop version.

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