iPhone Users are Zombies! Says New Nokia ad

TWALKITOUT: New Nokia ad shows a street full of zombies using iPhones, when a man who stumbles upon them holds a dashing new Lumia 925. Nokia points out at iPhone users as lifeless dummies, who don’t have a indentity of their own, unable to think what’s good for themselves.

Nokia tried to put an emphasis on the camera in its latest LUMIA flagship, new LUMIA 925 with an ending tagline “The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash” trying to compare the iPhone users posing for pictures like pale yellow skinned with red eyed flash pics in mixed light. Whereas Nokia is boasting 925’s camera for its ability to click pictures in relatively low light without a flash.

Nokia joins the line of companies trying to over step Apple in advert wars. Some bluff on Apple fan boys by referring to them as people with aluminuim coated gadgets with an expensive Apple logo sitting in eating joints flaunting and saving on their internet bills.

Some say Nokia is a dead beef tryng to flock some ripples in the pond and this advert would rather become a laughing stock for Apple fanboys and would bring an indirest publicity for iPhone itself. To get a clearer image, take a look for yourself on “iPhone Users are Zombies! Says New Nokia ad”

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Anuj Sharma

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