Bank Jobs: Over 60000 Waiting for Date of Joining

TWALKITOUT: We are talking about aspirants who qualified for clerical and officer posts in IBPS examinations and yet wait of their call letters. Bank job date of joining was never a concern, but with IBPS providing a centralized hiring process, it’s a straight process where qualified candidates wait for allotment to the vacancies in various banks, provided, that the IBPS score is valid for a particular period of time.

The difference between allotted and the waiting list is huge. As posted by The Hindu Business Line,

No. of Candidates Bank P.O Clerical
Who qualified 45000 78000
Allotted Call Letter 22000 31100
Waiting for D.O.J 23000 47000


Bank jobs date of joining seems to be following the IT sector in making the qualified aspirants wait for the call letter. It happens with India’s top 5 IT giants quiet frequently as they do not have a fixed labor requirement. HCL had to face the “dharna” of recruited engineers waiting for date of joining outside their Chennai and Bangalore Development centers.

“The allotment of jobs can only be done after we receive information on existing vacancies from banks as IBPS is only an agency for selection. But we hope to complete the second allotment by December this year, “said Mr. A. S. Bhattacharya, Director IBPS.

As this is a new scenario for banks, there is no confirmed news or indications. Sector is distributed and no single bank holds a responsibility for a bigger numbers, rather, big number of banks recruit 3-4 aspirants for each branch, hence has a pretty calculated requirement.

The validity of the scores for 70,000 aspirants waiting for allotment stands up to March 2014. Although, a second round of allotment is expected by the end of this year, we expect IBPS to raise the level for qualifying next year, considering the present figures.


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