TEDx Events in India

TWALKITOUT: TEDx is a program designed to give communities, organizations and individuals a TED like experience on local level to inculcate and create a synergy with TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading”. In the past few years, TEDx Events in India have seen a considerable rise in number as well as spirit.

It’s a volunteer driven work to help conduct a successful TEDx event. TED has a set of rules that need to be followed while conducting the event. The licensee needs to take every care to keep the event from looking like a promotional stint or a medal for someone’s resume. TEDx comes with a set of rules like there must be no sponsor logos displayed on the stage or inside venue where the event goes on, that sponsors may not be a speaker in TEDx talks, that a TEDx event must not be combined with another event that uses the same funding or speakers. You must stick to a 100 attendee limit, if the main organizer has not himself attended TED, and asks that TEDx must be clearly distinguished from its parent organization.

We have seen 328 successful TEDx Events in India so far as mentioned on TED website. Giving you a peep at last 5tedx events in india

Just as a reminder, license to TEDxChennai was cancelled in December last year.  As mentioned on a website Pastebin, a letter from TED to the licensee of Chennai talked about repeated defiance over rules in TEDx events in India, hence resulted in cancellation of license.

One of the upcoming TEDx events in India is TEDxCartRoad Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, tentatively scheduled on11th August, 2013. Event is proposed to be organized at historical venue Gaiety Theater on the Mall Road. TEDxCartRoad brings an opportunity to come across Himachali ideas worth spreading, with speakers deep rooted into soil of innovation, endeavor and humanity.

Himachal Pradesh has already seen a successful TEDx Event, TEDxDharamsala and now we look forward to a joyous completion of TEDxCartRoad, Shimla Event. Book your tickets here.

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