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Freeze Mobs in India 0

Flash FREEZE Mob in India

TWALKITOUT: Recently we witnessed one of its kind flash freeze mob in India. With a whistle, almost everyone standing in front of the Town Hall on the Mall Road, Shimla stood still as the passersby looked at the frozen ones, some in usual and some in really artistic gestures. It was something different that happened to Shimla.


TripOrTrap- Travel Reviews Discussions and Ratings to Plan your Travel

TWALKITOUT: Travel reviews discussions and ratings to plan your travel could caution you before getting trapped in a junk hotel. is an online travel information website which assists travelers on Destinations to choose, places to visit, tips for convenience via blogs, travelogues, forum & discussion Boards and providing platform to post Hotel reviews and opinions related to their travel experience.

great speech by charlie chaplin 0

Great Speech by Charlie Chaplin

TWALKITOUT: One of the forgotten but Great Speech by Charlie Chaplin that may date back but still applies. Tries to explain nothing has changed except the shift of power from hands to hands.

nice pair of heels 0

Nice Pair of HEELS

TWALKITOUT: Who likes to party? We all do! Who likes to look their best in a party? We all do! A nice pair of heels makes you look and feel taller, smarter and sexier...

google map for symbian 0

Google Maps for Symbian is dead?

First on Twalkitout: Google is in a closing spree. Even the big names of the Google brand are taken down over the last few months. That includes Google Reader and Google Lattitude. But in...

whatspp now free on iOS 2

WhatsApp now free on iOS

TWALKITOUT: The top cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp now free on iOS. It is not completely free though. It will now follow the subscription model that it uses on all other platforms including Android and...


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