Kudos Telcos! You have done a Great job!

TWALKITOUT: After the anxiety and grief for two long weeks, we are finally getting a clearer picture of the Himalayan Tsunami that washed away the entire state of Uttarakhand. We are very much grateful to the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, specially trained Navy Divers, the BSF, the RPF and every soldier of our country for their relief efforts putting their own lives on risk to help Uttarakhand flood victims.

In the meantime, technology has put up its hands to help the victims. Google, on its part, has created its person finder for the flood victims. Also when someone searches for Uttarakhand or something related to flood, the helpline numbers are displayed top and prominent. We, on our part, have created a page to host the Google Person Finder on TwalkItOut, a little bit to help Uttarakhand flood victims.

There are few others, who really need to be appreciated for their timely help. They are our telecom companies. Here is a glimpse of what they have done.

Aircel is the first to spring into the action. As soon as the rains retracted initially, Aircel established mobile booths across the affected regions and facilitated the pilgrims to make calls to their relatives for no cost. These mobile booths were operated across the valley by Aircel employees.

Aircel, Airtel and BSNL mobile have issued directions to the support staff to provide details of the last known location and last call made from the pilgrim’s mobile if any of his relatives ask for such details. They have also established special helpline numbers to help the relatives to obtain this information and help Uttarakhand flood victims.

Vodafone India, on its part, has established portable towers across the affected regions to aid its customers. These portable towers are light in weight and could be easily transported to another location.

We appreciate the good work done by the Telecom companies at the time when they are actually needed. Kudos Telcos! You have done a great job.

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Kavin Kumar

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