Namma Auto: Changing the Face of Chennai

TWALKITOUT: Have you ever been to Chennai? Have you traveled in an Auto Rickshaw here? Even if you don’t actually travel in an Auto, you might have easily come across a scene where an auto driver fights with a passenger. A lot of cinemas have portrayed auto men as those who demand too much money for travel. It was indeed partially true. Partially, because of the fact that virtually no auto rickshaw here in Chennai use an electronic meter, as prescribed by the law. No blaming on them too. With daily-increasing fuel prices (most autos in Chennai run on LPG, only very few private autos use Petrol), they can’t run their business with fares that are fixed a decade ago. But this face of Chennai would soon washed away, thanks to Namma Auto Chennai.

Namma Auto – the word that keeps the entire city buzzing for weeks now. It is a revolutionary initiative or in our technical terms, we would like to call it a startup. So, what’s new here? Well. Every single thing is new in Namma Auto. First and foremost, Chennaities would get cardiac arrest if they see an auto rickshaw with a meter in ‘working’ condition. These guys have a digital meter that even gives you the Receipt.

namma auto chennai
Photo Credit : Namma Auto

Here are the really cool factors of Namma Auto…

  • They have an electronic meter and it is working… It can even give you receipts…
  • They don’t charge even a single rupee more than what the meter says.
  • They never deny to come, whatever the location be.
  • Every Auto is fitted with a GPS system.
  • There is a panic button too.
  • You will get a newspaper to read while you travel.
  • In future, they are going to provide you prepaid smartcards that could be used to travel in Namma Auto.

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That’s fine for me. What’s up for the drivers? Drivers are assured of a fixed monthly salary with a performance allowance which would be a fixed percentage of their collection. And with a brand established, people will prefer Namma Auto over the normal autos. Autos and all other services for the Auto are provided by Namma Auto Chennai. The only job of the Drivers is to drive them. If a driver has a clean career over a specified period, Namma Auto gifts the auto to the driver himself making him a proud owner.

If you are in Chennai, look out for the Autos that have a bright yellow board on its top proclaiming “Namma Auto – The Pride of Chennai”. Hop on and have a happy Auto ride.

PS: Not even in the weirdest of my dreams, I have imagined an Auto rickshaw company have their presence across social media. Namma Auto, not even two months old, have around 5000 likes on Facebook and a strong user base on Twitter and YouTube. They also have a beautiful website to add up. Thumbs up, Namma Auto.

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